Photo by Chandler Bondurant

Scott and I love family, hosting friends, binging TV series, eating burgers, holidays, telling stories, making coffee, traditional tattoos, emo music, and Jesus.

I work as the Head of Human Resources and Communication for the real estate photography startup Visually Sold during the week. Scott is a new teacher at a charter school in Bed-Stuy. We live in Clinton Hill, our favorite neighborhood of Brooklyn, with our three year old and two year old CATS. We’re are in our third year of our marriage, and it gets sweeter all the time.

I first got into photography in high school when I got my first DSLR and took my first photo class. I never anticipated selling my photos! I just enjoyed having a camera with me, mostly to capture my friends. I second shot my cousin’s wedding at 16 for fun, and eventually got into film, too. I enjoy having tangible memories. I worked in coffee, and then in retail management, before going full-time with photo work in 2018. I am also a business student.

Scott, similarly to myself, started shooting friends and travel as a hobby in college. Scott became familiar with product photography and editing through owning his own clothing line. He started shooting more seriously with studied photographers in 2017.

We’re able to offer each other a different perspective, complement each other’s strengths, and give feedback when working together, ensuring our very best for our clients.