To Have + To Hold

Scott’s vows to Laura:

“Laura, on the night that we first got to know each other, I was drawn in and insipred by your kindness, passion, beauty, and faith; but it was not those qualities that made me fall in love with you. While it was those qualities that assured me that you were a good choice  to be my partner in life, it was other things that made me fall in love. Your smile. Your laugh. How you love others. The way you look at me. It’s every thing that you do that makes me love you, because it is you doing them, and I can’t imagine loving someone more for who they are at their core. So I vow to have and to hold you as long as we both shall live, with love, patience, and caring. I vow to do my very best in leading you in a life that puts Jesus Christ before us, so that we may live in a way that pleases him. And I vow to always be someone you’re proud to call your husband and happy to have as your best friend.”

Laura’s vows to Scott:

”Scott, for as much as I love to write, putting my thoughts, feelings and vows for you into words was nearly impossible. When we first started dating, friends asked about you, and I would tell them ‘to say he’s my boyfriend or my best friend sounds stupid. He’s so much more. He’s my favorite color. He’s my favorite song. He’s just my very favorite of everything.’ To live a day without you is to be color blind—to go deaf. I could do it, but you are a gift that makes life so much more beautiful, that I will work to never have to. So, my vow to you is simple, and it is this: For as long as I can, insofar as I am able, by the power of Jesus, until death do us part, I will treasure you and put you first and serve you in a way that properly represents how thankful I am. And to reiterate just how thankful I am, you are the most tangible representation of the faithfulness of Christ that I have ever been given. You are immeasurably more than I could have hoped for or imagined. And you, Scott Kenneth Ulrich, are the person I choose, in every hardship and in every victory, to walk towards eternity and rejoice with. I’ll love you a little bit more each day forever.