August 18th 2018

Grant Park Market:

We talked about our BIG goals for the fall! These goals included leading a group of women abroad, opening a gallery, creating a book, making a documentary, working at a museum, starting school, traveling the country to shoot favorite bands and more! We have such an inspiring group of young ladies. 

July 21st 2018

The General Muir:

When talking about the plague of being patronized due to age, our girls stated that there’s lot of pressure in the creative industry to perform and get it right the first time. They shared that the age difference and experience difference in media can easily lead to competition or hard feelings. Often, young creative professionals working for and by themselves. We learned the importance in reaching out and asking for mentors. Being BOLD can help curb competition and help you gain experience!

Setting personal goals, not goals based on what people tell you to work towards, can make a difference in how fulfilled and motivated you are!! Be your best cheerleader!

June 16th 2018

Coffee and photo walk:

We got together in June on the porch of Dancing Goats at Ponce City Market with no strict topic this month, but to talk about projects we are working on, interests we share, aspirations, and what it looks like to be an encouraging creative community, rather than a competitive one here in Atlanta. Our group doubled this month! Woohoo! Thankful for kindered, creative spirits. 

May 19th 2018

Our first meet up:

Our May topic was Genuine Networking! We discussed (for 40 extra minutes even) how we promote connectivity and relationships over follower count and ratios. I loved meeting these ladies, hearing their stories, developing goals, and motivating each other! As a part of SXS, everyone brings something different to the table. We're all able to learn from each other, hold each other accountable, inspire and be inspired by our new friends! Thanks for coming ladies!


Join us for next SISTERXSISTER event in Atlanta on July 21st. I can't wait to see you there!